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Education: Materials form UNESCO Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education Oct. 15th, 2010 @ 05:00 pm

Psycho-Pedagogical Follow-up of Children in ECCE

This article describes the Special Event "Psycho-Pedagogical Follow-up of Children in ECCE" at the UNESCO I World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education, including a fragment from the film “Experience of implementation of psychological and educational follow-up program for children with abnormal development”. It displays the experience of educational psychologists working with different types of "special" children - experiencing developmental problems as well as gifted.

Specialists Training for Teachers and Practitioners Working in Early Childhood Care and Education

This article presents the Special Event "Specialists Training for Teachers and Practitioners Working in Early Childhood Care and Education" at the UNESCO I World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education. It describes the collaborative Russian and Finnish Magister program for preparation of specialists in preschool education and the resolution of the special event.

Development in Early Childhood and ECCE: Vygotsky’s Perspective

This article summarizes work of the Special Event "Development in Early Childhood and ECCE: Vygotsky’s Perspective" at the UNESCO I World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education. It provides the information on reports and discussion, including debates on early learning and education standards (ELDS) in the context of cultural-historical approach.

May. 3rd, 2010 @ 02:53 pm
Research on Emotions and Interpersonal Experiences

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Eligible participants are females between the ages of 18-25 who can read and write in English.  This study will ask about your memories of teasing that occurred in your childhood or adolescence.  The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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applying to graduate schools: statements of purpose Feb. 3rd, 2009 @ 03:00 pm
I am applying to five school psych grad programs in the Midwest. My question is about statements of purpose and what to include in them. I am applying for Eds programs, NOT PhD programs. Should I still include my research interests, especially if they relate to the program's faculty? I do not intend to do that much research, but I still am very excited that one particular school has several professors that share my interests.

My example: the professors' interests are listed as foster care placement, childhood depression and coping, school violence prevention and Autism. I plan to mention at least some of these, but should I mention the specific professors, by name, that have researched the topics?

Also, is it appropriate to discuss the location of the school and why I would want to move there?

Thanks in advance!

Question... Jan. 4th, 2009 @ 11:50 pm
I noticed that most of the talk on the page centers around graduate degrees, but nobody has mentioned a PsyD. Do most people just go for the specialist degree? I was told by a friend in the field that the specialist degree wasnt worth it.

Starting the Search Jul. 6th, 2008 @ 10:05 pm
Hi everyone!

I've just started seriously looking for a graduate school.  I've got one semester left of undergraduate, then I'm hoping to work for a semester before starting a doctorate program.  And I'm not even sure where to start looking for a graduate school.  I have no problem with leaving the state, but I'm from the midwest, and would like to stay in the general area.  I've been looking into Michigan State, but unless I'm able to get an awesome scholarship, they aren't a realistic option for me.  So far I've been narrowing down my search by looking at schools accredited by APA and NASP. 

I'm confident that my GPA/GRE/work and volunteer experience would make me a competitive applicant at almost any school, but I'm just having trouble narrowing it down. 

So I was wondering if anyone who is attending (or has attended) a graduate school in the midwest would have any positive or negative reviews.  My major concerns are funding through the school (TA positions available, fellowships, etc), the availability of professors to help guide research projects, and just the overall strength of the program. 

I'm just a little lost in my search, and some reviews from actual students would give me more confidence in the programs than the websites designed by the schools.

Thanks so much!
Other entries
» Grad school and working
Hey School_psych-ers.

My name is Meghan, I'm taking my third semester as we speak in the School Psych program at UMass Boston. I currently work 25-30 hours a week as a secretary, and take three classes at a time (all classes for us are at night).

My question is, how many hours a week did you/do you work during grad school? I seem to get disparate accounts from people - some work full time (usually in a school), others barely seem to work at all, all of these students where carrying a full course load (four classes at UMB). I also seem to observe those who do work more, work in schools/mental health already. What's your take?
» Howard Gardner
Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows of any biography or something of that nature about Howard Garnder that's not online? I think I've looked everywhere and have found nothing. Thank you if you could help =]

» doctoral studies
Hi everyone,

I am currently a student working towards my master's degree in rehabilitation counseling, and I have been interested in school psych for sometime now.

I would like to know more in general regarding the nature of school
psychology: how exactly is this subfield distinct from other related
fields, such as developmental and educational psychology? Will a
school psychologist be able to work with similar populations and
encounter similar mental health issues as a counseling or clinical
psychologist? I still have a hard time keeping these sub-disciplines of psychology clearly differentiated!

also if I wanted to pursue my doctorate eventually in this field, would I still be able to, given that I would have earned my master's degree in rehabilitation counseling prior to applying?

thanks guys, look forward to hearing from you :)
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» Research?
I'm researching graduate schools now, and I'm wondering how important it is to match research interests with a faculty member. I don't have any specific research interests (is that a bad thing?), and I know that for PhD. programs matching interests with a potential advisor is important. Does the same hold true for EdS programs.

Thanks in advance!
» Favourite psychology websites?

I'm studying psychology in high school right now (yes, high school), and I really want to start reading more widely in the field. As I'm completely clueless to the world of psychology on the World Wide Web, e.g. well-known-to-be-good sites, I'm asking the people from this community (and hopefully everyone will be able to share good sites with each other as well): What pyschology sites do you visit most frequently? What psychology websites have helped you through school? What can you recommend a student to read to broaden and deepen their knowledge not just for studies, but also generally useful things to know in life?

Thanks, and excuse my xposting!

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